TestingWhiz supports both File Transfer Protocol (FTP) and Secure Transfer Protocol (SFTP) testing. The application linked to an FTP server checks whether the data or actions performed by the user are reflected on the FTP server.

FTP testing ensures that the files are uploaded from a local machine to the FTP server and are downloaded from the FTP server.

The commands used by TestingWhiz for FTP automation are:

  • Upload: This command checks whether the files are successfully uploaded to the FTP server.
  • Is Exist: This command checks whether the uploaded files exist on the FTP server or not.
  • Download: This command allows the user to download the files from the FTP server to a local machine.
  • Delete: This command enables the user to delete any file from the FTP server.
  • Scan Logs: This command helps the user to scan the logs of an FTP server.


Reporting capabilities are available for FTP automation like the time taken for test execution, the number of test cases executed, passed, failed, etc.

Allows fast implementation of new test cases

Requires very little knowledge of software automation to create test cases

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